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Cat Care for Cats after Giving Birth

A pregnant cat needs to be given some extra care unlike the typical cat that is in the pink of health. If you get the chance of fostering one, it will be your responsibility to take it for a veterinary check regularly.

The vet should have consistent monitoring about the status of the cat’s pregnancy. Its life could be more at risk if its condition is completely ignored. However, for most of the stray queens that are pregnant you can find lesser problems with them. Cats like such are more independent.

It is likewise possible for your cats to suffer from diseases during pregnancy. You are fortunate enough if you are taking care of a healthy female feline because even without the regular check up from the vet, you can simply give it foods that are high in nutrient content and enough amount of fresh and clean water. With the said simple practices, you can be rest assured that the cat would be giving birth to healthy kittens.

Those are few reminders during the pregnancy period of the cats. The next thing that you have to bear in mind is the proper cat care after giving birth. Below are some of the pointers that can help you and your cat:

1. Secure the safety of the kittens and the mother.

It is true that after giving birth, the mother cat possesses a negative response towards people who will get near them, this is their protective instincts. You must beware about this. Better if you can place them into a place that is more secured and away from your kids especially.

Most importantly, you have to consider a comfortable home for the newly born kittens. It takes weeks or month before the kittens can be isolated from the queen cat. Soft mat and a clean place can be advisable for their home. Create a comfy rest bed for your cat and her litter. You need to prepare this prior to giving birth.

2. Healthy kitten and cat feeding

Nutritious diet should not be given to the kittens alone but as well as to the mother cat. Bear in mind that the mother has to breast feed the kittens. In other words, she will be needing more energy and nutrients than the kittens.

Refrain from giving the newly born kittens some amount of solid food especially after immediately being born. Just like babies, they do not have the capacity yet to chew solid foods. Make sure that the mother cat sustains the milk needs of the kittens at all times.

3. Keep other cats away from the mother and the kittens.

This is a significant reminder since these cats also want privacy. During the period of pregnancy and giving birth most cats wanted to be isolated from its peers. You also need to respect this.

4. Check for the availability of the vet.

This is where giving shots or vaccinations enter. You can get the contact numbers of the nearest vets in your place and try to ask them regarding the right time for giving your cats the appropriate vaccination. An emergency phone call can also be necessary during birth if complications occur.

Only if you are able to cope up with what you see and hear, will you be able to determine complications and solutions. There are several dilemma that you can surely solve by yourself, in taking care of your pets. If there are times that you encounter one, just relax and do not panic. Better, if you get the right information beforehand.


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